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Broadvox is a VoIP service provider for business telecommunications. It offers voice and data network solutions for telecommunications, cable, and wireless carriers, as well as ISPs, ITSPs, Over-the-top (OTT) service providers, MVNOs, and various other business partners. Broadvox operates its own nationwide competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC) facilities.

One angry customer wrote this about Broadvox on Voipreview: Broadbox is NOT customer friendly. Recently I attempted to port away a few numbers from them. They like to play games with the porting process. They will deny your port for "invalid address". This happened more than 5 times when I had the correct address. Finally I opened a complaint with the FCC. A lot of times what a carrier will show for a Service Address is NOT the same as the billing address. In this case both the Service Address and Billing Address were they same. They hope you will get tired of fighting them and just give up. This is an on going case that has lasted for about two weeks and I am waiting to hear back from the FCC to the port completion with Broadbox. I will never buy DIDs or service from this company or anyone that resells their services again. They are the worst in my opinion.


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Help Desk Technician says

"wasnt a good company. management was horrble,"

Former Employee - LNP Specialist says

"Poor Management Top Management is Russian, maybe cultural differences but it always seems as though the are yelling and they stick together Pay is not the greatest No flexibility on hours (they think 9a-6p is ideal!) No room for advancement HR person seems to always side with management even though she is supposed to be impatial"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"NO HR support or enforcement of EEOC regulations. Even though HR conducts "investigations" and finds out the complaints are valid, nothing is done to rectify the situation. It is as if management knows that employees don't have millions of dollars to wage a legal battle so they turn a deaf ear."

Multimedia Specialist says

"There is very little accountability and very little HR protection due to upper management being located at another office. The IT department too small to support the amount of employees. Compensation is below national average and salary increases are very seldom. Hardware is outdated. Micromanagement is rampant. No 410K."

Account Executive says

"Not a career-oriented environment for serious professional"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Upper management cares very little about employees, very small incremental raises which were rarely seen"

Current Employee - Porting Specialist says

"No con's that i can complain about. They treat me well here and i cant complain overall."

Former Employee - Sale Representative says

"commissions were always wrong, no communication"